8:15 pm - Sun, Oct 5, 2014

LB No. 5


The META issue:

Critic Jeet Heer reviews—guess what?—Little Brother No. 5. Hairpin editor Haley Mlotek writes about women in media, the death of print, mass psychogenic illness, and “being the weirdos, mister.” Also: Journey Prize-winner Naben Ruthnum on why director Charlie Kaufman can’t lose. Emma Healey on writing poetry in the age of Search Engine Optimization. A panicked, polyphonic story by Liz Windhorst Harmer about the TTC. Andrew F. Sullivan’s chilling fiction about a future world where every dream is called into the authorities. In the art department, Elissa Pearl Matthews pays homage to both Ed Ruscha and our city’s ordinary architecture in “Some Toronto Apartments,” with an illustration from Mark Lyall. And Sarah Bodri presents a beautiful new series of photos that capture the reflections of women, bounced off a plate of glass. Finally, editor Emily M. Keeler gives you a glimpse into the making of the magazine.

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