9:13 pm - Sat, Mar 1, 2014

LB NO. 3


These! Are! The! Good! Times!

The Pop issue has landed! With new stories from Jess Taylor, Rea McNamara and Stephen Thomas, essays from Sara Black McCulloch and Spencer Gordon, art from Alicia Nauta, photos from Elissa Pearl Matthews and a photo essay by Christine Kwan, captioned by Nyla Matuk.

Elissa Pearl Matthew’s photos, taken on a vintage half frame camera, depict decontextulized neon signs—electric signifiers that one fan has called “Jeff-Koons-by-way-of-Chinatown.” And "Effervesco," Christine Kwan’s photo essay featuring literal pop caught shimmering in various lights, and accompanied Nyla Matuk’s sensual captions, is a definite bubbly highlight.

Spencer Gordon’s essay on disillusionment, the creative industries, and he World Wrestling Federation’s golden days makes up the meat of this issue, and is accompanied beautifully by Jess Taylor’s subtle, shifting story on a trio of men named Paul.

Alicia Nauta’s xerox collages reminded our art director, Charles Yao, of California New Wave graphic design, but their repetitive, transformative optics are almost their own retro-futurist genre.

The issue’s other fictions include a beguiling experimental short story on coming of age by Stephen Thomas and a tricky narrative of the end times unfolding in feel good horoscopes by Rea McNamara. There’s also an incredible essay on, what else?, pop musicspecifically boy bands and early feminine desire, by Sara Black McCulloch. 

Boy bands! Neon type! Professional Wrestling! Dudes named Paul! Soda! Collage! Horoscopes! You want this in your hands. Get it today

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